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FFCP Trauma Training Program

Each trauma training course is eligible for 5 continuing education credits and there are options for completing all courses or specific ones. FFCP Maryland offers the following courses:

Children of Trauma and Resilience

Children of Trauma and Resilience introduces participants to a trauma informed and resilience focused mindset and teaches participants about toxic stress and trauma, how to help process those experiences and how to foster and nurture characteristics of resilience. This course begins with a strong focus on resilience and includes an exploration of how core values and beliefs direct the way professionals work with children. The four universal needs of all human beings as explained by the Circle of Courage model including belonging, mastery, independence and generosity are explained and discussed. Participants learn about the experience of trauma as one that impacts a person’s body and are shown a demonstration of trauma’s impact on the brain. Participants learn the importance of sensory-based interventions and how to assess a child’s private logic and universal needs. Finally, participants practice the development of trauma informed and resilience focused support plans for youth.

Structured Sensory Interventions

Participants learn about the SITCAP model (Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents) and practice sensory based interventions from a variety of SITCAP model programs including Healing the Experience of Trauma: A Path to Resilience. Experiential activities and the presentation of case examples showcase how to process trauma, nurture and restore resilience in youth of all ages.

Trauma Informed Resilient Schools

Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools teaches school professionals and clinicians how to create trauma-informed schools and classrooms. The training focuses on resilience, exploring the core values and beliefs of educators and places an emphasis on understanding how trauma impacts children and their school experience. Lastly, proactive strategies such as fostering connections, prioritizing social and emotional skills, establishing safety, and promoting play are presented. This course provides detailed information and concrete actions that answer not just the “why” but also the “how” to create the best classroom and school supports for traumatized students and the school professionals who serve them.

Resetting for Resilience

This course builds upon Trauma Informed Resilient Schools. There is a strong focus on understanding the link between private logic and deficits in the Circle of Courage’s universal needs with student academic achievement and behavior. Participants will learn how to integrate positive behavior intervention supports, rewards, and consequences into their classroom management systems. Participants will learn how to assess students and create behavior support plans for students. Trauma informed, resilience focused student and classroom scenarios will be presented and discussed in small groups. Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions are discussed. Strategies to collaborate with families and communities and to support staff will be presented. Examples of how to collect and utilize outcome data will be shared.

Healing Trauma and Restoring Resiliency

FFCP Trauma Instructors

Please meet our Trauma Instructors.

Leah McGown, LCPC, CTRT

Leah McGown is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who was born and raised in Howard County, MD. She earned her Bachelors in Psychology at Bridgewater College and completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Towson University. Leah began her career conducting individual, family, and group therapy services and presenting emotion and behavior regulation strategies to youth in Baltimore City schools. Leah also collaborated with teachers to help provide support in implementing these strategies with students in the classroom. Following this, Leah began working as an offsite therapist, providing therapy services to children, teenagers, adults, and families in home, school, and community-based settings in the Baltimore, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County areas. While working as an offsite therapist, Leah earned her certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to better help clients challenge cognitive distortions and behaviors and develop healthy emotion regulation and coping strategies. Seeing how prevalent the experience of chronic stress and trauma was in the clients she was working with led Leah to earn her certification as an Advanced Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner and trauma trainer through STARR Commonwealth. Leah’s knowledge and passion in this area drives her to promote healing and resilience with her own clients, as well as to educate and assist others (including counselors, social workers, and educators) in becoming more trauma informed and resilience focused in their own practice with children.

Emily Latimer, LCSW-C, CTRT

Emily Latimer was born and raised in Howard County, MD and loved her experience in Maryland public schools. She went to Radford University to pursue a Bachelors in Psychology, and then returned to Maryland to complete her Masters in Social Work at the University of Maryland Baltimore. Emily Latimer started her career working with juveniles awaiting trial as adults in Baltimore City and provided GRE prep upon their release. She worked in homes providing therapeutic support services in Baltimore before working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Howard County. Emily then continued to provide community based therapy for children, teenagers, adults, and families in Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Howard County through court ordered programs as well as through Medicaid accepting outpatient clinics. Partnering with schools, mentor programs, DJS, Emily has gained a holistic view of how kids and families operate in and respond to their environments. It was seeing clients respond to trauma, whether that trauma took the form of single incidents or simply prolonged exposure to stress, that drove her to pursue a Trauma Informed certification from STARR. Being able to better understand her own clients as well as to teach others about the opportunities for work and growth sparked a desire for Emily to become a trainer and partner with therapists, parents, schools, DJS, DSS, and all those that have a significant impact on children, teenagers, and families, so that all the systems in children’s lives can work together to promote growth and healing.

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