Requesting Medical Records

Families First Counseling & Psychiatry (FFCP) shall maintain the privacy of protected health information from unauthorized access. Safeguards such as Release of Information (ROI) authorizations or a client’s written request for medical records are in place to protect information from any intentional or unintentional use or disclosure.

Clients have a right under Maryland law to obtain a copy of their records. To do so, they must make a written request to our office. Note, under Maryland law, if a health care provider believes disclosure of any portion of the medical record to be injurious to the health of a patient or recipient, the health care provider may refuse to disclose that portion of the medical record to the patient, recipient, or person in interest but, on written request, shall provide a summary of the undisclosed portion of the medical record (§ 4-301–4-309, 8-601).

Processing medical records can take up to 21 business days.


FFCP may impose a fee for any reproduction of all or part of a record. FFCP will not charge a fee for the review of a record on premises by a client or the client’s representative. Fees for reproduction may be waived in the following situations:

  • Professional courtesy when records are requested by physicians, psychologists, hospitals, or other health care providers.
  • Third party payers when Families First Counseling & Psychiatry will derive direct financial benefits.
  • Attorneys representing the Attorney General’s Office and Special Counsel.
  • Other situations determined by the CEO, or designee, to be for good cause.
  • When indigent clients request pertinent portions of their records necessary for the purpose of establishing eligibility for SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, or other legitimate aid.

For more information contact Families First Counseling and Psychiatry at 240-304-3327.