How To Get The Most From Your Treatment?

To get the most value from your treatment at FFCP Maryland, it is important that you:

  • Attend scheduled appointments: It is necessary to be present to receive the treatment if you want it to be effective.
  • Speak HONESTLY: You are not there to please the therapist; you are there to identify your problems and work on them. Therefore, in order to receive the greatest benefit from treatment you need to be very open and honest about talking about your feelings, thoughts and your behavior, even if you view it as “bad” or “shameful”.
  • Risk Trying Things the Clinician Suggests: Often treatment involves some proposed changes. For example, suggestions could include speaking up and being more assertive, listening more, being less aggressive, getting a physical exam or a blood test, completing homework assignments, etc. Also, therapy usually involves suggested alternatives in how you think about yourself and the world. Change is difficult, but by your seeking help you are indicating that some changes might be useful to you. Talk with your therapist if you are having difficulty pushing yourself to replace old behaviors with new ones.